Västerås is beautifully located near Mälaren and is one of Sweden’s oldest cities with an exciting history. The city is growing quickly and currently has 147,000 residents, a lively economy, a university with a clear technological and environmental profile, and a rich sporting life.

In Västerås you are near to nature and water and Mälaren offers great opportunites for leisure time. Bathing, fishing, skiing and hiking with cross-country skis are just some of examples of what Mälaren has to offer in the course of the year. The islands in Mälaren are reached by the archipelago boats.

Västerås is one of Sweden’s best cities for cycling with around 37 miles of cycle paths and many beautiful excursions. The city has its own airport and is close to several other major cities such as Stockholm, Örebro and Uppsala.

The accommodation is well prepared by MDH from Bostad, Västerås. All the participants are arranged in one building located in Västerås which is quite close to the campus. The apartment is shared in two with basic furniture, internet, shared kitchen, and bathroom and laundry facilities. The rent includes internet, heat, water and electricity