Västerås is known as ‘the city by Lake Mälaren’, because of its proximity to this lake via the Svartån creek. The city is one of the oldest in northern Europe and has a long history as well as many fascinating sights and attractions.

You could be able to take in sights such as the Västman County Museum and Västerås Art Museum as well as the nearby Engsö Castle, which dates back to the end of the 12th century. The city also offers plenty in terms of the arts and culture and you will find that there are a number of live music venues, outdoor spaces and parks as well as plenty of shops, bars and restaurants which offer a taste of the local flavour. Some of the city’s most popular sports include bandy, hockey and soccer, which can be enjoyed at various venues across the city.

A tradition is an important event that is often celebrated, such as Easter. Many traditions and festivals that are celebrated in Sweden come from religion. Some traditions have a Christian background. Some come from the time when people in Sweden had several gods, for example Thor and Odin Today religious traditions and festivals are mainly holidays when people meet their families and friends. New Year’s Eve, Easter, May Day, Midsummer’s Eve, Lucia celebration and Christmas are some of the festivals celebrated in Sweden. Then most people are off work.

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